A little bit about us

Bloom Themes

Every year Leominster in Bloom chooses a theme for its annual project. Sometimes this is part of a wider scheme selected by the Heart of England in Bloom, sometimes it will tie in with something
that is happening nationally and other times it is the choice of the team.

Recent History

In 2018 the centenary of the end of the 2nd World War was an obvious choice. The Buttercross Arcade was filled with wonderful knitted poppies. To commemorate the local soldiers, a photograph  of each of those listed on the Leominster town memorial was placed in shop windows as close to
their original home as was possible.


2019 the overall theme was ‘Children’s Literature’ with shops choosing their favourite story for their window displays. The Buttercross was decorated once again with fantastic knitted and crafted
characters from Alice in Wonderland. There was a second display in Morris Mews depicting an underwater scene using recycled materials to high-light the plight of our oceans.