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Wednesday 5th July - Committee Meeting, 7pm, Council Chambers, 11 Corn Square

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Trowels At The Ready




Working Dates

Sunday 2nd July 10am - Town Square - Deadheading

Wednesday 5th July 6pm - Town Square - Deadheading/Cleaning

Thursday 13th July 6pm - Town Square - Final Clean

Sunday 23rd July 10am - Town Square - Deadhead/Weeding

Sunday 3rd September 10am - Town Square - Empty Planters

Sunday 10th September 10am - Town Square - Empty Planters

Sunday 17th September 10am - TIC - Pot Up For Plant Fair

Wednesday 20th September 6pm - Aldi Bed

Tuesday 10th October TBC - Coningsby Road - Weed & Tidy B&Q Bed

Sunday 22nd October 10am - Etnam St Bed - Etnam St Car Park

Past Events:

Friday 8th July 2022 - Judging Day

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